Parallax Why Join The Z e n t i m e Social Club? Zentime is a safehaven where employers (amoung others) won't have access to your digital I.D to pre-jugde you, before they get to know you.
You can feel free to be yourself.
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Zentime is a community. Where cannabis enthusiasts can seek communal advice and education about cannabis use, products, and places to meet up and indulge. Our hope is that these ongoing discussions will help you decide whether or not cannabis is for you. - Raphi Zenbers can feel safe, streaming live smoke sessions with friends to share the experience of a funny conversation. Post "high-thoughts" or pose questions in the Chronic Feed or share thier cannabis inspired work of art in Session Flex'n. Whether it be a creativity rolled joint or that beautiful art piece you’ve been working on for a while. Shadow banning on popular social media sites has made it difficult for cannabis users to feel comfortable expressing themselves. No longer will you have to worry about your account being deactivated or suspended for simply being the individual you are. Here Zenbers can purchase and learn about lab tested legal products, and find places to meet up and indulge.

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